To call anything the “best” should not be stated lightly. Nor should it be taken lightly. To say the least, anything deemed the best should be backed by considerable research. As our name suggests – here at – our mission is to find the absolute best multivitamin brand. In doing this, we have tried – firsthand – many different multivitamin brands. We’ve scoured the internet for unbiased testimonials, demanded manufacturing transparency from vitamin manufacturers, and have dug deep to verify quality control for ourselves. What we’ve discovered is an online marketplace flooded with mostly lackluster, non-transparent, downright dangerous multivitamin brands, and a small handful of exceptionally great multivitamins, including our longest-running top choice: Xtend Life.

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Best Multivitamin Brand

Offering one of the highest quality multivitamins and vitamin supplements sold today, Xtend-Life is manufactured in New Zealand, which is well known for its bio-actively rich and nutritionally dense produce. Xtend-Life is one of few companies currently performing GMP-approved, independent lab testing on all of their products, including a comprehensive line of multivitamins and supplements that exceed both British and US Pharmacopeia standards. Using enteric coating (the same inert ingredient used by pharmaceutical companies to ensure costly medications are not damaged by stomach acid) and a four-stage delivery system to ensure whole food nutrients are being properly absorbed by the body, Xtend-Life supplements are composed of the most potent, raw ingredients. From our research, there simply is no better value for the quality of Xtend-Life’s products.  And unlike most other online vitamin stores which are nothing more than distributors – never fully knowing the actual quality and freshness of their products – Xtend-Life manufactures their very own proprietary blend of multivitamins and supplements under a strict quarantining process verified by certificates of analysis and microbiological/heavy metal contamination tests. Maintaining a high level of transparency regarding the manufacturing process used to deliver what we have deemed the best multivitamin available, we highly recommend visiting the Xtend-life website to see for yourself. Free worldwide shipping on orders over $60 and a 365-day Money Back Guarantee on all products.

XtendLife Total Balance Multivitamins

To help you better understand the complete line-up of Xtend Life Total Balance supplements developed by Xtend Life, we have created the following, comprehensive Xtend Life Total Balance Review. This all-natural, pharmaceutical-quality selection of anti-aging nutritional supplements was formulated entirely by the Xtend-Life research and developmental department in a state-of-the-art laboratory using nutrient-rich produce in New Zealand, and resulting in one of the most complete selections of top-quality multivitamins anywhere in the world today.

Accommodating all age groups and genders, there are a total of 7 different Total Balance supplements available:

The most popular are Total Balance Premium varieties. While all varieties are effective, for the sake of this review, we will focus on the Premium variety (see below for details on 3 main best sellers). The Total Balance line has been available for nearly a decade and is continually redeveloped as new research and development is achieved. In fact, at press time when publishing this Xtend Life Total Balance review, the research and development team at Xtend Life has updated this supplement line 6 times. This is extremely impressive when you consider most supplement companies do not update their formulas for peak performance. Xtend Life, on the other hand, is constantly researching how to better improve their products, making this a brand to be reckoned with.

All Xtend Life supplements are enteric coated and contain specialized nutrients for maximum efficacy. The high tech enteric coating protects the actual pill contents from being destroyed by stomach acids. This coating allows the supplement to pass through your stomach and absorb properly in your upper intestine. Value for money – this is a huge consideration. There is no reason to take supplements that are not properly absorbed inot your system effectively. That is like throwing your money away. Xtend Life has developed the best coating we can find on the market today. Earning this brand another accolades and yet another reason to write this Xtend Life Total Balance review to recommend this brand to our visitors.

Furthermore, Xtend Life Total Balance is the only nutritional supplement line that we have been able to find any research on of that addresses all the most important concerns of aging (free radicals, glycation, methylation , inflammation , DNA degeneration) as well as the vital components essential for good general health and over all well-being. Total Balance certainly covers all the bases.

This most comprehensive line of high-quality supplements from Xtend-Life provides you with the precise support you need for addressing these concerns. It is also convenient and affordable when you consider value for cost.

This review would not be complete without mentioning that Xtend Life is very serious when it comes to the ingredients used when manufacturing their supplements. We mentioned the pill coating technology above and no supplement is worth this type of technology unless the ingredients are worth protecting.

Using the finest quality natural ingredients gives you the best results. Just a few ingredients will not address the five main causes of aging listed above, or any other wide range of concerns. Xtend Life Total Balance supplements contain many ingredients that are mixed together and combined in an effective harmony that ensures that all mechanisms of action have been taken into consideration. Xtend-Life’s research scientists have proven to have made a complete line of supplements containing minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, trace elements, anti-glycation agents, neuro-nutrients, flavonoids, carotenoids, methylation agents, adaptogens, herbal extracts and more.

This Xtend Life Total Balance review reflects a wealth of information to our most serious customers that are dedicated to promoting and improving their health and well-being. This is honestly our top-most recommended line of supplements here at  Below, we will touch on the most needed information about the Total Balance Premium products as they are the best selling varieties of the Total Balance line. If you have further questions regarding this brand, we highly recommend you Visit the Xtend Life Total Balance Section and compare the information there with information on any other item you may be considering. You can even ask their Medical Nutritionist for help!

Total Balance Women’s Premium

Hands down, this is the best crafted and most definitive women’s health supplement in the world. When compared to the normal version, Total Balance Women’s Premium contains the highest levels of bio-actives for quicker and more pronounced healthful benefits such as better DNA repair and even more effective support against the aging process.

There are an impressive 99 well-crafted ingredients in this variety. Total Balance Women’s Premium contains the most effective and unique blend of highly specialized herbal extracts distinctively designed to meet the exceptional needs of a woman’s body. There is no other supplement on the market today that contains ingredients proven to combat aging and help with hormonal balance the way this supplement was developed.

When we first considered showcasing this product in our Xtend Life Total Balance review, we researched and came to the simple conclusion that Total Balance Women’s Premium is the greatest women’s health supplement money can buy. But we also appreciate that for or some women, the standard version of this product may be a better choice when it comes to their individual budget. Again, value for money is the mantra you need to live by when it comes to this amazing brand.

Our Tip for Women: 

The daily recommended dose for Total Balance Women’s Premium is 7 tablets a day. This means 2 bottles covers a month. The standard version recommends 4 tablets daily, so 1 bottle covers the entire month.

We recommend you compare the different costs and benefits for the two versions and consider the variances in ingredients to find the best fit for you.

Total Balance Men’s Premium

If the effects of aging have recently become more noticeable to you, Total Balance Men’s Premium is the only men’s supplement on the market that targets your needs. Whether your doctor told you that you need to pay more attention to your health or you want to prevent any forthcoming issues, this is the product for you.

Total Balance Men’s Premium is, in fact, unlike any other men’s health supplements on the market today. This product takes the traditional version of Total Balance Men’s and the Xtend Life Multi-Xtra supplements and adds potency for premium effects.

Total Balance Men’s Premium also contains a highly focused, proprietary blend of nutrients and herbal extracts blended effectively for maximum performance.

Like Total Balance Women’s Premium, you get the 99 ingredients plus it addresses men’s health issues such as naturally increase testosterone, prostate health support, eye health, increased energy, reduced visits to bathroom at night, cardio health, improved libido and more.

Our Tip for Men: 

We highly recommend you compare the traditional version of this product versus the Premium version to understand what suits your personal needs. There is a wealth of precise information here at Xtend Life’s Total Balance section.

Total Balance Unisex Premium

This product covers everyone. Total Balance Unisex Premium takes the traditional Unisex product to another level however. This is the best health supplement for all ages and sexWhen compared to the standard version, Total Balance Unisex Premium contains the absolute best possible levels of bio-actives. This product contains 94 ingredients.

Total Balance Unisex Premium does not contain the hormone balancing herbal extracts the women’s variety does or the increased men’s libido ingredients. It focuses on developing a stronger immune system, improved eye health, energy enhancement, and stress relief among many other benefits.  

Our Tip for Unisex Vitamins: 

Total Balance Unisex Premium is the finest non-gender specific health supplement value for money. But, as we mentioned with other traditional version versus premium product, your budget will most likely dictate what you can afford. The daily dose for Total Balance Unisex Premium is 6 tablets daily. This means you will need to purchase 2 bottles each month. The daily recommended dose for the standard version is only 4 tablets a day which brings to only 1 bottle each month.

We certainly help this overview is of help to you when considering a new line of supplements. For any additional information regarding Xtend Life Total Balance supplements, you may find additional Xtend Life supplement reviews here.