Reserveage Collagen for Beautiful Skin

Do Collagen Supplements Really Work?

The more that science is able to identify and study the human body’s function on a microscopic and molecular level, the more clearly we are able to understand the unshakeable importance of nutrition in regard to how we age. And one of the most visible and notable things that reflect “age”, is the quality of a person’s skin. The stereotypes have henceforth been regarded simply as unavoidable truth: young skin is bouncy, plump and wrinkle-free, and old skin is sagging, thin, and full of lines and wrinkles. But does this have to be a universal rule? Can there be exceptions?

Some research is beginning to reveal that there are ways that we can rebuild the collagen layer beneath and within our skin in order to maintain a more “youthful” quality. Most notably is the discovery and clinical-backed studies of how our body’s use small chains of amino acids and peptides from collagen in our diet in order to rebuild and boost its own collagen stores.

Could the secret of youthful skin be in a supplement and not a cream?

That seems to be what a large double-blind, placebo-controlled study is leading some researchers to believe. The clinical study had women take 2.5 grams of a particular hydrolyzed collagen peptide, patented and branded with the name of Verisol, once a day. After 8 weeks, the researchers measured a 20% reduction in “crow’s feet” or the fine line wrinkles around the eyes. They also (even more importantly) observed a 65% average increase of procollagen, which is the bodies early stages of collagen formation.

The clinical research that has been conducted thus far is, not surprisingly, only for the patented peptide chains that have been backed by branding. One of the frontrunners in this pursuit to bring effective collagen supplements to the market is Reserveage. This is a company that has made a point to focus their product development around products that have been subjected to clinical trials and have the data to prove their effectiveness. Reserveage has also made a point to never test its product on animals nor source their ingredients for suppliers that test on animals. The owner, Naomi Whittle, was raised in a family that consisted of doctors, biodynamic farmers, and scientists, and so her proclivity to develop a company that offers effective and cutting edge nutrition does not come as a big surprise.

The Best Collagen Supplements

Many of Reserveage’s formulas contain nutrients that have now become buzzwords in the nutrition industry (like collagen), but their formulas have garnered a consistent advantage due to the clinical research that backs up the ingredients used. The results of these studies have allowed Reserveage to better understand exactly how these “buzz word” nutrients are processed and used by the body, ie, the exact peptides, enzymes and proteins that the body utilizes, which allows them to build their formulations on sound and proven results.

This contrasts to the bulk of the nutritional industry, which often latches onto a buzz word, and then sources it for the lowest cost possible, which in turn, results in a product that is often ineffective because the form of the “buzz word nutrient” is not compatible with how the bloodstream absorbs said nutrients. As we say here at Best Multivitamins over and over, not all suppliments are created equal, and you may be paying a good bit of money for a collagen supplement that just passes through your digestive tract without being absorbed and utilized in your body. In other words, if you are serious about taking a highly effective collagen supplement, you have a sure bet in Reserveage. We found the best collagen supplement deals at iHerb (where if you use code LHB893, you will save $5 on your first order and receive free shipping).

Another clinically proven form of biodynamic collagen supplement is Biocell which is included in this reasonably priced Biocell Collagen Supplement from Olympian Labs (also at iHerb). Unlike some of the other companies we researched, many of which did not even provide an “about us” page or information about their laboratory or production standards and practices, Olympian Labs Inc. is highly transparent and expresses genuine dedication to giving its customers the most effective, safe, and healthy products at an affordable price point. Founded in 1992 by two athletes who were challenged in finding effective and safe supplements that did not include artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives, they started their own company that did just that.

Verisol and BioCell Collagen are the ingredients you want to be looking for when choosing a collagen supplement to boost not only your beauty youth regimen, they also are proven to support increased joint health as well. ‘Cause what’s the point of looking good if you can’t get out there and shake that thang! 😉

The thing to remember while deciding on which collagen supplements you want to go with, is that the clinical studies showing the best results, such as a 13.2% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and a significant reduction of skin dryness/scaling by 76%, and a 72% improvement in skin moisture retention over a 12-week period – were conducting those studies at a dosage amount of 2.5 g of the patented collagen peptides a day. So be sure to really read the label and make sure you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to the dosage you will need to achieve the supplements greatest effect.

With clinical results like these, it is no fluke these forms of supplemental collagen are really a great addition to helping your skin and joints maintain a youthful quality. Here are some results to see for you yourself:

Verisol Before After

Verisol Clinical Study