Multivitamin PledgeHere at, we place tremendous value in transparency. In fact, transparency is the first requirement for a vitamin brand to become eligible in meeting our Best Practice Standards of Approval.

But our due-diligence doesn’t end with transparency alone. After verifying the quality of raw ingredients, sourcing procedures and manufacturing/quality control protocols, we dig deep to validate any and all scientific claims and notable procedures and formulas that differentiate one multivitamin brand from another.

Considering how the body best works to assimilate nutrients, and what the optimal form of such nutrients must be in for proper assimilation, we have built our Standards of Approval on the following benchmarks: Quality, Potency, Form of Delivery and Effectiveness. Only when a multivitamin brand has demonstrated exceptional achievement in all of these areas, will it be deemed to be one of the best multivitamins on the market.

We guarantee that only the highest quality multivitamin brands receive a listing and/or a recommendation on While we do NOT accept advertising or placement fees, we do receive a small commission when you click through certain links on this site and proceed to make a purchase on your own volition.

Please know that our recommendations are based on the actual quality of product being offered and not solely on financial compensation. There are countless vitamin brands and stores that we could affiliate with. However, we choose only to promote those companies and brands that truly deserve to be deemed the best multivitamins available. That is our Pledge to you. For more information about usClick Here.