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DEVA Vitamins Review

DEVA is one of the first companies to have ventured into the underserved, yet highly in-demand vegan multivitamin market. Launched in 2003, DEVA quickly developed a reputation as one of the more trusted supplement brands available. Deva's care in providing vegans with the nutrition they specifically need has cemented a substantial loyalty among those individuals.

Some of what their customers are responding to is Deva's GMP certification and FDA regulated manufacturing facilities, which means DEVA has taken great care in maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices that ensure high quality products, and the health and safety of their customers and employees. Importantly, The Vegan Society has certified DEVA's supplements as 100% vegan, which means no animal products or by-products are being used. Also, nutritionists and physicians worked closely with DEVA in order to develop the formulations that will best support the specific nutritional needs of vegans and vegetarians.

DEVA has expressed that their objective is to bring quality and effective supplements to their customers at an affordable price point. The fact that they also satisfy the dietary restrictions of many vegans and vegetarians, is an added bonus. DEVA seems to appreciate that being healthy should not be a luxury for only those who can afford to pay a premium. We have found the best overall value and selection of Deva vitamins can be found at iHerb, where our discount code LHB893 will provide up to $10 Off and Free Shipping on your first order.

DEVA also has made a point to set an example in its business culture by being a part of Green America. Green America is a non-profit organization that was created in order to reinforce company practices that put a priority on sustainability, just labor laws, organic farming, fair trade, and cruelty free products. One of the most emphasized of these, is DEVA's commitment to animal rights and well being, as they have expressed their desire to help the the world be a safe and pain-free place for all living beings.

DEVA has made a point to support other organizations that have like-minded goals. Some of the groups DEVA listed as receiving their support:

Arbor Day
The Vegan Society
Co-Op America
American Forrests

The final verdict of our DEVA Vitamins Review: Being one of the first vegan vitamin brands on the market, DEVA has a come a long way in creating a high quality vegan supplement while being able to keep the price point low.

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