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The following Garden of Life vitamins review covers both the Vitamin Code and myKind Organics family of supplements.

The Garden of Life brand is well respected in the health conscience community, and for good reason. The company has made it a top priority to provide nutritional supplements that come from USDA certified organic whole food sources, while also being mindful to take into account other common dietary restrictions and allergies.

Another reassuring facet of how they approach their products is that they are also dedicated to serving customers who put there health first, and make smart choices based on those priorities, as opposed to purchasing based primarily on “taste” and mainstream appeal. For example, many supplement companies know they will make more money if they cater their portion powders to a market that crave highly sweetened and artificially flavored products. Garden of Life does not compromise in this regard. They put value in what makes a product the most healthy, and trusts their customers to place value in the same area.

Garden of Life Vitamins Review

Garden of Life has been researching developing and manufacturing their extensive line of daily health product for roughly 15 years. The company was founded by Jordan Rubin, who had suffered form Crohn’s Disease for much of his life until he began to investigate how he could help heal himself nutritionally. With dedication and innovation, he was able to rid himself of his debilitating condition. This inspired Rubin to create a product line that could potentially help other people find a healthier and happier way of living and supporting their daily nutrition.

That product line is Vitamin Code, and includes Children's, Men's and Women's formulas, Raw Daily Multi's, Liquid Multi, Multi's for 50+ men and women, and prenatal multivitamins. The goal of Garden of Life with this line was to create a vitamin that would be easily recognized by the human body as a whole food based nutrient. They set out to achieve this by developing trademarked, Code Factors, which are individually cultivated from raw food sources, and minimally processed in such a way as to not damage each nutrient cell integrity. This attention to detail ensures that all of Vitamin Code’s active enzymes and live probiotics remain that way.

Far too often, multivitamins are loaded with excess vitamins and minerals, posing the risk of toxicity. This is not the case with Garden of Life's Vitamin Code formulas.

Using this same approach, Garden of Life has since developed the myKind Organics line, which is one of the highest quality vegan multitivitamins available today.

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A big part of the Garden of Life brand is the emphasis on “Raw”. The company describes this as a commitment to source from all whole food, and avoid anything in the manufacturing or packaging or distribution that would degrade the delicate actives and enzymes that are being supplied. This means setting strict standards on the temperature and processing of the ingredients being used.

Another objective of Garden of Life is to be Non-GMO. Genetically Engineered Organisms have increasingly been link to a decrease in available nutrients with in the food source, health issues linked to bio-engineered self-producing insecticide, and a depletion of the soils available nutrients and over all health. The leads Garden of life to make the determination that GMO’s are not ideal for either the health of their customers or the environment.

Garden of Life has also received its “Informed-Choice” Certification, which is a strenuous program that insures that - via both testing and independent review - that the certified product is free of the 1,500 substances which are banned by the The World Anti-Doping Agency. They are also GMP certified, which mean they uphold the Good Manufacturing Practices set in place by the Food and Drug Administration, that specify such guidelines as Microbial Analysis, Heavy Metal Levels, and Hygienic Production Environment.

Another admirable element to their business approach is their commitment to philanthropy. Garden of Life partners with the following charitable organizations: SOS Children’s Villages International, Vitamin Angels, Women Heart, and National Parkinson Foundation.