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    Garden of Life Vitamin Code WomenGarden of Life Vitamin Code Women was ranked #1 by an independent analysis lab out of other high quality multi-vitamins for women, and is derived from whole food ingredients with nutrients that support active women.Buy Here

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women was ranked #1 by an independent analysis lab out of 11 other top multi-vitamins marketed towards women. And out of a mixed-batch of 68 multi-vitamins it still came in at a pretty impressive, 5th place in ranking.

The lab tested for how accurate the labels are in the depiction of what nutrients are included and in what amounts. These are the only significant discrepancies they found.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women

Vitamin A
Listed on Label – 6000 IU/serving
Amount measured –  7700 IU/serving

Vitamin B-3garden of life vitamin code women
Listed on Label – 20mg/serving
Amount measured – 19.01mg/serving

Vitamin B-6
Listed on Label – 4mg/serving
Amount measured – 5.28mg/serving

Vitamin C
Listed on Label – 60mg/serving
Amount measured – 64.2mg/serving

Vitamin D-3
Listed on Label – 1000 IU/serving
Amount measured -1170 IU/serving

Listed on Label – 8mg/serving
Amount measured – 16.7mg/serving

Listed on Label – 21 mg/serving
Amount measured – 24.5mg/serving

Listed on Label – 2mg/serving
Amount measured – 1.7mg/serving

As you can see the results show that Garden of Life Vitamin Code does a pretty good job of giving their customer their money’s worth and not coming up short in the nutrients they claim to provide. Yet one should be cautious about not exceeding the daily serving amount.

Consuming too high amounts of a certain vitamins could end up causing serious health problems, just as chronically under consuming certain vitamins could do the same. For example, While  the levels of vitamin A tested to be in a serving of Garden of Life Vitamin Code are harmless if consumed in only a single dose, two servings would exceed the 10,000 IU Upper Limit (UL). And chronic toxicity of Vitamin A which has been linked to neurological and skeletal defects, can occur when consuming foods high in vitamin A while supplementing with a product too high in Vitamin A.

Also, this product doubles the RDA and approaches the upper limit of folic acid in a single serving, which may mask a vitamin B-12 deficiency. If a chronic  B-12 deficiency goes unnoticed severe neurological damage could occur.

This is why it is imperative to never take the “ you can never get too much of a good thing” approach when it come to supplemental vitamins. Always stay within the recommended daily serving amount. Plus, be sure to eat a varied, healthy diet. Never go on a so called fad diet that directs you to only eat one type of food. This would immediately set your body up for severe nutritional imbalances.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women is derived from whole food sources and utilizes probiotic fermentation in order to promote absorption and proper digestion. Another important feature of this multivitamin is that Garden of Life does not allow any of the ingredients to reach temperatures over 115 degrees which insures that the optimal amount of nutrients are available and are still bio-active. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women is made of 23 fruits, vegetables, and herbs that have healthy impacts on a woman’s heart, glandular and reproductive health.

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