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    Vitamin Code for MenTested by an independent lab, Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men was rated as #1 out of dozens of other high quality multivitamins for men. Sourced from whole foods and extracted at low temps, it provides optimal nutrient levels.Buy Here

Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men was tested, along with 68 other popular multivitamins that are currently on the market, at an independent FDA-registered laboratory and received a detailed chemical analysis, which measured active ingredients and also tested for potential contaminants. And impressively, Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men was rank #1 in quality. Overall quality was ranked by determining the average in different categories including, label accuracy, product purity, nutritional value, product safety, and projected effectiveness.

The first category considered was ‘label accuracy’, which means the lab tested the content in a randomly purchase bottle of Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men in order to compare the ingredients and their amounts with what Garden of Life had listed on the bottle’s label. The average score of the 68 different brands tested for this category was between 40% and 48% for positive label accuracy. Not very inspiring to hear as a consumer. But, Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men dd fare somewhat better, with roughly a 50% positive accuracy. Granted that does sound very comforting but the areas where the product did diverge from the label were in the favor of the consumer in some regard:

Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men

garden of life vitamin code for men

Vitamin A
Listed on Label- 6000 IU per serving
Amount Measured – 6060 IU per serving
Folic acid
Listed on Label – 400 mcg per serving
Amount Measured – 412 mcg per serving
Vitamin C
Listed on Label – 60 mg per serving
Amount Measured – 66.5 mg per serving
Vitamin D-3
Listed on Label – 400 IU pers erving content was measured at 660
Amount Measured – 660 IU per serving
Listed on Label – 18 mg per serving
Amount Measured – 24 mg per serving
Listed on Label – 17 mg per serving
Amount Measured – 23 mg per serving
Listed on Label – 15 mg per serving
Amount Measured – 16 per serving

With results like these you are certainly getting beyond your money’s worth, and luckily these specific increased amounts pose no risk to your health. However, we and the lab cautioned to never consume more than the recommended daily dosage because the vitamin A levels in two servings would exceed the 10,000 IU Upper Limit (UL) which could lead to chronic toxicity. The same goes for vitamin B-3; which a single serving nearly meets the upper levels of what is recommended daily and it’s toxicity may cause flushing of the skin, increased heart rate, and nausea.

The purity test revealed that Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men did not contain arsenic, lead, cadmium, bismuth, antimony, and silver compounds. And in regards to nutritional value the only thing that slipped under the Recommended Daily Allowance for men was vitamin C. The amount selected by Garden of Life is 60mg, the amount tested was 66mg – though the RDA for men over 18 for vitamin C is now 90mg. So, it is recommended to eat foods that included Vitamin C along with possibly an additional supplement if needed.

Overall, the results show that Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men is a very high quality multi-vitamin and well worth the investment, just be sure not to take more than the recommended daily amount. Because there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.

Vitamin Code for Men