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You will notice a trend among all of the brands we feature: Eeach one is committed to providing supplemental nutrition from whole food sources, never synthetic isolates. We make that choice for the same reason New Chapter and our other recommended brands do - we feel it is the most bio-available and effective means of adding supplemental nutrition to your diet. The following New Chapter Vitamins Review highlights these important components of high quality multivitamins.

New Chapter also makes it a priority to only use organic ingredients, which is also an important factor in our choice to include them on our site. Part of that mindfulness in their ingredient selection is also applied to their due-diligence in verifying that it's source material, packaging, and production procedures are sustainable. They have supported this by starting their very own biodynamic farm in Costa Rica, named Luna Nueva - a 200-acre ginger and turmeric farm that has received the Demeter certification - the highest achievement in outstanding organic farming.

New Chapter Vitamins Review

New Chapter is also a Certified B Corporation. A “B” Corporation is committed to “benefiting” the area in which it is located both, environmentally and socially. Given New Chapters affinity for ancient Ayurvedic principles, it was a naturally fit for them to base much of their sourcing and production in India, which is where they put in place programs to train the local community in rainwater harvesting and biodiversity, and also in facilitating a conversion from conventional farming to organic farming. New Chapter’s programs have helped coordinate the inspection process between small farmers and the internationally accredited organic certifiers, and also taught local farmers vermicomposting techniques, which is when words are used in the composting process.

85% of their source material is Non-GMO Project Certified. This is a very respectable percentage, yet you as a consumer will need to make a determination if you would like to commit to a company that may be able to achieve a higher non-GMO percentage. Granted, a significant contributor to their level of quality is New Chapter’s dedication to scientific research. they have partnered with Columbia University, The Cleveland Clinic, and Anderson Cancer Center in order to ensure the most up to date research and provide valid nutritional support based on those findings.

New Chapter has developed a wide range of products, but their specialization has been in comprehensive multivitamins, therapeutic herbs, fish oil,and mushroom blends. They allow their products to be searched via condition or the purpose for which they are intended, and also provide an easy-to-use product catalogue. Overall, the final verdict of this New Chapter vitamins review is that New Chapter is a trusted brand focused on providing quality and time-tested effective supplemental blends, very high scores.