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    New Chapter Every Womans One Daily MultiUtilizing fermentation of whole food sources like Tumeric, Red Clover, and Elderberry; New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily Multi is gentle on your stomach while also offering powerful daily nutritional support.Buy Here

The New Chapter multivitamin, Every Woman’s One Daily Multi is designed with the wisdom of nature in mind. New Chapter has been making a respected reputation for itself by placing priority on using whole foods and taking advantage of ancient holistic traditions since it was founded by Paul and Barbi Schulick in 1982. Paul’s passion for health started at a young age while he would join his pediatric father on house call, and as he grew older he became more fascinated and convinced by the effectiveness of ancient herbalist traditions. He became a Master Herbalist and he and Barbi set forth to build a business that was focused on a mission of health, conservation and service.

New Chapter’s origin story is a big part of what sets its products apart from others in the over saturated supplement sector. Unlike many companies that were started with mostly monetary passions held by venture capitalists, New Chapter grew slowly from the ground up with a dedication to holistic products that would support the health and vitality of their loyal customers. New Chapter products stood apart from the wave of “performance protein powder” and “synthetic supplement” brands that promised ultimate enhancement without taking into account the human bodies preference for whole food nutrition and bioavailability.

This is why the formulation for the beloved New Chapter Multivitamin has long been bolstered by effective herb and super-food combinations, as opposed to the standard RDA breakdown found in most synthetic, mass produced multi-vitamins. This is what has earned New Chapter it’s respected spot in the hearts and shelves of niche Natural Food suppliers for the past twenty years or more. But with this prestige, the attention of mega corporations looking to expand into the health, wellness, and nutrition sector also came. Proctor & Gamble made a successful bid to purchase the company in 2012, by promising to “maintain the magic of what makes New Chapter, New Chapter” and expanding in areas like scientific nutritional research, and their beloved biodynamic farm, Luna Nueva, in Costa Rica.

A New Chapter Multivitamin Made for Women

New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily Multivitamin is a whole food nutritional support supplement that utilizes fermentation in order to increase bio-availability and infuse additional immune supporting beta glucans.

This New Chapter multivitamin approach, flies in the face of what many consumers are used to with typical, over the counter vitamins. Much of the market is flooded with synthetic vitamins, or vitamins that rely on nutrients derived from “non food” sources. Studies have shown that the human digestive system does not absorb these synthetic vitamins and minerals at the rate it does so with vitamins and minerals derived from whole food sources. Which makes sense… humans evolved eating food.

A few of the key herbs and superfoods that are included in this New Chapter multivitamin for women are Elderberry extract, Turmeric, Maca, and Red Clover. New chapter specifically formulates Every Woman’s One Daily Multi to be easily digested and gentle on your stomach. There are some things to keep in mind. Because this New Chapter multivitamin is a whole food sourced supplement that is fermented and more gentle on your digestive system, some labs have tested inconsistency in the amount of certain nutrients in comparison to the label amount listed. None of these differences were observed to be dangerous, but much in the same way two items of produce are never going to have exactly the same amount of certain nutrients as the one beside it, whole food vitamin are less likely to be precisely replicated from one batch to the next as a synthetic vitamin would be. This is why I appreciate that New Chapter always suggests that their multivitamin for women is meant to be a support to a healthy and balanced diet, not a replacement for the nutrients women should be consuming on a daily basis via their eating habits.

For an organic whole food fermented multivitamin, that addresses concerns like stress management, immune system support, and premenstrual and menstrual support, New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily Multi checks of the boxes for a women wanting to make a sound decision for both, her health, and her values.