• Every Man’s One Daily Multi

    Every Man's One Daily MultiThis New Chapter Multivitamin designed for men provides cardiovascular support and promotes a healthy immune system, while also boosting energy levels and vitality. Plus fermentation ensures proper absorption.Buy Here

Every Man’s One Daily Multi is a New Chapter multivitamin that stands in keeping with the brand’s legacy of being forward thinking in their approach to nutritional supplements. New Chapter has always made a point to be holistic in their approach and to embrace the wisdom garnered by ancients traditions. And they do so while also being mindful of sustainability and safe, healthy, farming practices.

After independent analytical lab testing, Every Man’s One Daily New Chapter Multivitamin was ranked #29 out of 68 other multi-vitamins. Despite the less than ideal ranking, it did still receive an A- for its overall quality grade which is nothing to sneeze at.

The lab tested for discrepancies in the actual product with what New Chapter had listed on the product labeling. These are the only significant differences observed after chemical analysis.

New Chapter Multivitamin Every Man’s One Daily

Vitamin A
Amount labeled – 5000 IU/serving
Amount measured – 6640 IU/servingNew Chapter Every Mans One Daily Multi
Vitamin B-3
Amount labeled – (n/a)
Amount measured – 23.55mg/serving
Vitamin B-6
Amount labeled – 2mg/serving
Amount measured – 3.17mg/serving
Folic acid
Amount labeled – 200mcg/serving
Amount measured – 242mcg/serving
Vitamin C
Amount labeled – 60mg/serving
Amount measured – 63.25mg/serving
Vitamin D-3
Amount labeled – 1000 IU/serving
Amount measured – 1050 IU/serving
Amount labeled – n/a
Amount measured – 21.5mg/serving
Amount labeled – n/a
Amount measured – 8.4mg/serving

Many of their measured amounts slightly exceed the RDA for these nutrients, so as always, it is important to never take more than the daily recommended dose. No dangerous impurities like lead arsenic or cadmium were found. Overall, Every Man’s One Daily New Chapter Multivitamin is a safe and quality supplement. Which also boasts some attractive features including organic whole-food probiotic cultured vitamins, plus healthful herbs that have been observed to have positive influences on the bodies ability to manage its systems.

This New Chapter Multivitamin was specifically designed to address health issues like, energy and vitality, and cardiovascular and immune system support. New Chapter also ferments this multivitamin which allows for better absorption and a more gentle digestion process.