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The good'ol standby, Source of Life has maintained its place as every old-school health-nut’s favorite daily vitamin for good reason. Nature’s Path began producing Source of Life in 1986, and its comprehensive and diverse nutritional profile delivers a pleasant and "guaranteed" boost in energy is well loved by many. Once again, like the other brands we profile, this is a whole foods supplement and was a pioneer in the industry with their approach to nutrient dense, energizing multivitamins. They were among the first to bring whole foods vitamins and potent ingredients such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Kelp, and wheat and barley grass to the market. It's no surprise that our Source of Life vitamins review gives this brand high scores.

Source of Life has had decades to get to know the desires of their customers and develop product they know will satisfy their high standards. They also have been able to learn from their clientele that there is no “one way” that all people prefer to take their vitamins. As such, they have developed a range of products that deliver the same potency via different delivery systems. Whether it is via tablet, capsules, liquid, or a protein powder, Source of Life customers can ensure their optimal nutrition no matter their mood.

Source of Life Vitamins Review

A synergy of whole food derived vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids is at the heart of Source of Life proprietary blend, which in essence, set the tone for many popular vitamin brands today. Its most popular item is the daily vitamin in the familiar green and yellow packaging, which is a cult favorite for its pleasant boost in energy levels thanks to healthy amounts of B vitamins. The same product is available via the Red, Ultra and Gold lines, the latter of which uses patented OptiMicron technology to pack up to 10 times the nutrient concentration into one tablet.

Source of Life Gold Liquid Multivitamin is especially popular (best value with Free Shipping at Vitamin Shoppe)

The Source of Life GOLD Energy Shake line is also an excellent option for those of you who may not enjoy taking pills. It is a soy-free vegetarian protein powder that can be added to smoothies, or any food or drink you wish. Also a great way to boost your immune system, would be their Yellow Lightning Antioxidant Energy Drink which packs in vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants.

In conjunction with their standard daily formulation they have also developed supplements specifically designed to support the needs of both men and women respectively. The Source of Life Men’s Vitamin Tablets are iron-free and include saw palmetto for prostate support, and zinc, alpha lipoic acid, and rhodiola for fatigue and stress management. The Woman’s Vitamin Tablets features soy-isoflavones, increased calcium and iron and folic acid. Both versions are available in Source of Life's GARDEN line, which provides certified organic ingredients.

Source of Life also offers individual vitamin and herbal supplements, such as Vitamin E and Vitamin K, and Ginseng and Bilberry. They also offer a large line of Children’s Vitamins and Health products, everything from chewable multis, to cherry flavor tooth gel. Overall, they have developed a wide range of products that many have relied on and put their trust in for many years, thus giving a positive verdict for this Source of Life vitamins review.

Top Source of Life Multivitamins

  • Gold Liquid Multi

    feed Life Product Image The Source of Life Gold line represents the most concentrated family of supplements by Nature's Plus. Containing the proprietary Source-70 complex, the Gold liquid multivitamin is the most balanced and highest quality liquid multivitamin we've come across. Read Review Buy Here