• Bone-Support

    Xtend Life Bone-SupportOne of the most superior bone supplements available today, Xtendlife’s Bone-Support contains 11 targeted ingredients proven to support the skeletal system, including natural Vitamin K2 (in contrast to synthetic versions that are commonly used).Buy Here

Vitamins for Bone Health

For strong, healthy bones and skeletal structure, Xtendlife has developed a superior quality bone health supplement aptly named Bone-Support. Xtendlife Bone-Support is a highly developed bone health supplement containing 11 targeted and specific active ingredients that are proven to help fortify and defend your skeletal system from deterioration, aid with improved posture, mobility, power, diminished pain, and even a reduced threat of degenerative disease. When we say that this vitamins for bone health supplement is not your garden variety corner drug store product, we mean it.

The many benefits of Bone-Support are an increased calcium absorption and transportation of calcium in the blood stream, increased and maintained bone mass and density, smaller risk of breaking bones and osteoporosis, increased health of joints, less cartilage, decreased oxidative stress and overall healthier bones.

What also stands out to us is that Bone-Support’s bio-active ingredients guarantee that calcium absorption is improved and sent directly to your bones. This is a delivery system that is like no other. As with all other Xtend Life supplements, Bone-Support also contains ingredients that have been combined together in a patented fashion that promotes synergy. Each ingredient goes hand-in-hand with the others, which makes for high absorption efficiency and maximized effectiveness.

Why Take Bone Support?

Osteoporosis affects more than 10 million people currently living in the US (there is a documented amount of 300,000 individuals that are hospitalized each year with a broken hip alone). As we age, our bone density diminishes and the chance of suffering from a broken bone(s) greatly increases. Broken hips are traumatic and many times patients do not recover fully and/or die from complications from surgery. This is just one reason to protect your bones and remain as healthy as possible before problems occur. Because bone density decreases with age, it is not a health concern that is easily erased with diet and exercise alone. A high-quality, highly effective supplement is the key to any success in maintaining bone health with age. And you truly need a supplement that provides the most effective natural protection against bone density loss. Purchasing any supplements made with less than stellar ingredients is simply ineffective to say the very least.


Remember, all supplements have good and bad versions of these ingredients. As they do with all of their supplements, Xtend-life only uses the most effective part of any vitamin in its supplements. For instance, Bone-Support does not contain the synthetic K1 and K3 versions of Vitamin K. Rather, Xtend-life only utilizes naturally occurring Vitamin K2 that acts directly on your bones and helps blood vessels regulate bone calcium. This is where value-for-money comes into play for choosing the best vitamins for bone health. Vitamin K2 is not cheap (which is why you will not find it in low-quality supplements). What’s more, Xtend Life uses Strontium in Bone-Support. This is yet another ingredient that bespeaks quality, as Strontium is another crucial mineral that promotes healthy strong bone structure.

Also, consider maximizing the strength of your bones by taking Bone-Support in conjunction with Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil and any version of Total Balance.

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