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    Xtend Life Cardio-Support for Heart HealthSolely targeting cardiovascular health, this highly potent and effective supplement contains high strength enzymes (Nattozimes) and helps to stabilize blood pressure, reduce calcium buildup, reduce platelet buildup and improve circulation.Buy Here

Vitamins for Heart Health

A highly effective way to clean your circulatory system, Xtendlife Cardio Support is one of the most powerful vitamins for heart health and all natural supplement focused on cardio performance and protection. It is a potent cardiovascular supplement that is made with the highest possible quality and technology.

If you are familiar with Xtendlife supplements, you may know that Total Balance Omega 3/DHA is also effective for maintaining a healthy heart and cardiovascular system (among other benefits). But for focused effectiveness solely targeting heart health, Cardio Support is our top recommendation. This is a potent cardiovascular supplement made with the highest quality.

First and foremost, we will mention that if you have been taking Xtend-life Total Balance and Omega 3/DHA for a lengthy period of time (ie: beginning at 30 years of age, and you are now in your early 40s), then it is not likely that you would even need added vitamins for heart health, as you have been receiving amazing circulatory system health benefits during the typical age range when it is most important to boost your hearth health as far as prevention goes.

The Cardio-Support Effect and Benefits

It’s a simple fact that your risk of cardiovascular diseases increases with age. And, if you are 40 years of age or older, it is probable that you will have an increase of plaque in your arteries, which leads to high blood pressure and a greater chance of heart attack and stroke.

Xtend-life Cardio-Support not only helps gradually break down said arterial plaque, it helps stabilizes blood pressure, reduces calcium build-up, decreases homocystenine toxicity, reduces aggregation of platelets in blood, increases circulatory strength, increases heart muscle performance, balances LDL and triglyceride levels (cholesterol levels), and helps keep the lining of arteries smooth or maximum blood flow health.

Product Research

The chief Xtendlife researcher (Dr. A. Munem Daoud) developed the technology and concept of Cardio-Support after more than a year of in-depth research. Furthermore, the Cardio-Support concept is everchanging in advancement, keeping in step with any and all further developments for improvement. This innovative concept of “always improving” is just one reason why we are big fans of Xtendlife.

For instance, in 2007, Xtendlife updated the Cardio-Support supplement to include Nattozimes (high strength enzymes), which in recent years have been discovered to greatly improve arterial cleansing. Nattozimes also contain anti-clotting nutrients which make it predominantly important and extremely useful if you have have ever had stent or a bypass procedure.

Cutting-Edge Fabrication for the Highest Absorption Rate and Effectiveness

Nattozimes are extremely sensitive to the acids in your stomach. What sets Xtendlife Cardio-Support into a whole new echelon when it comes to quality is that all of their natural supplements are manufactured with the latest digestive technology (enteric-coating), thereby protecting capsules from stomach acid and optimizing absorption. Not only are the sensitive enzymes protected from stomach acids, they are properly absorbed through your upper intestinal tract. There is absolutely no use in purchasing low-end supplements that are not protected from stomach acid destruction.

Other ingredients contained in Cardio-Support are Trans-resveratrol and reduced L-Glutathione (both of which also benefit by this delivery method) a variety of amino acids in the correct proportion, a wide range of herbal extracts, and a fine-tuned balance of minerals and vitamins for heart health.


While it is safe to take Cardio-Support in combination with Xtendlife Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil and any version of Xtendlife Total Balance supplements, always consult with your Doctor or healthcare practitioner first, if you are on prescribed drugs and are worried about prescription interaction with Cardio-Support. Xtendlife also provides person-to-person consultation, which compared to any other natural supplement company, is unparalleled.

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