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    Xtend Life Green Lipped MusselWhile Green Lipped Mussel is one of the most highly effective natural remedies for preventive pain management, Xtend-life’s exclusively sourced mussels and innovative preparation enables additional benefits that include youthful skin.Buy Here

Green Lipped Mussel Supplements

Arthritis and/or joint inflammation and discomfort is a condition that effects roughly 70 million Americans. That is an amount that demands serious consideration, particularly because most people who say they experience the symptoms associated with arthritic inflammation confirm that it greatly effects their day to day quality of life.

However, many also share that they do not make proactive efforts to address these issues because the condition is usually “episodic”, meaning the “flare-ups” come and go. This usually sets people up to manage pain while it is occurring, but once it dissipates it can tend to become a cycle of “ out of site, out of mind”, back to normal behavior without the addition of preventive measure, which eventually leads to another painful flare up.

Xtend-life’s Green Lipped Mussel supplements are an effort to address the need for prevention in conjunction with pain management. Using the Green Lipped Mussel in such a way has been a native New Zealand practice, given that this particular specimen of shellfish is indigenous to the waters of the island country’s Marlborough Sound. Of course, the trick was in finding a way to maintain the benefits while also making the resulting supplement stable. Shipping fresh mussels across the planet would not prove to be an efficient solution for many reasons; But most notably, the quality would decline exponentially, not to mention the excess of resources that would need to be spent in order to do so.

Also important to consider, is that once Green Lipped Mussels – like all shellfish – have been cooked or frozen, quite a bit of their prior nutritional content is compromised. This is why Xtend-life has made a point of developing a process that eliminates these two modes in order to transform the fresh mussels into a green lip mussels supplement powder. Unlike most conventional commercial Green Lipped Mussel Products, that used steam or freeze-drying in order to achieve an oil or powder.

First they start with high quality Mussels cultivated specifically for the purpose of supplementation, not the discard from mussels cultivated for the food industry. An important factor in process is their choice of sourcing mussels from only one specific grower located in an ideal area of the pristine sound which receives the optimal inflow of clean ocean water. The other element that boosts the quality of Xtend-life’s Green Lipped Mussel supplements, is that they only use mussels harvested at the times of year in which the mussels are the most “ripe” with nutrients. Most manufactures do not adhere to this schedule, but instead harvest irregardless of where the mussels might be in their cycle of development.

Second, Xtend-life shucks the mussels without the aid of using steam to open their shells. They then create a liquid slurry from the meat of the Mussels, and unlike other manufacturers, they do not add chemical preservatives or stabilizers. They then mist this liquid on to the walls of a rotation bin, which allows the liquid to evaporate into a powder without using heat to “cook-off” the mussel’s moisture content.

All of this is accomplished in a very short period of time in relation to when the Mussels were harvested form the water. As apposed to the many days it would take for most product to go from Raw Mussel to Packaged product, all without cooking, freezing, or chemical stabilizers.

Very Impressive. But what if I don’t have Osteoarthritis?

This is where Xtend-life’s Green Lipped Mussel Supplement takes a huge leap, where other Mussel supplements do not. And it is thank to the specific approach to processing I detailed above.

When a Green Lipped Mussel product is prepared in other ways, it degrades the bivalve’s potency to the point where it only becomes mildly effective at addressing joint issues, hence the general association that that is all this product is able to do. However, without lessening the mussel’s potency – it is quite the powerful mollusk!

The mineral content of the Green Lipped Mussel mimics that of healthy human blood, and also contains natural forms of glucosamine and chondroitin, called Mucopolysaccharides (MPS), which supports the body’s connective tissue, joints and organs on a cellular level, thus effecting the metabolism and growth of said cells.

This broader scope of Green Lipped Mussels benefits include: Youthful Skin, Cardiovascular Health, Immune System Support, Bone and Tooth Density, Increased Fertility and mobility of the Nervous System’s Facia Network.

This can seem like a lot. A little “too good to be true” for this little sea creature to have such an impact on so many parts of a human’s health? But not so, thanks to the fact that the MPS’ effects changes on a cellular level and specifically in cells that are systemically represented in many of the bodies overall functions.

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