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    Xtend Life Lipi-RiteA natural alternative to statins, Lipi-Rite is a synergistically blended natural supplement proven to be effective at wholistically lowering bad cholesterol while preventing cholesterol oxidation and arterial buildup.Buy Here

Vitamins to Lower Cholesterol

Lipi-Rite is a natural alternative to statin drugs for effective treatment of a medical condition that is on the rise, especially if you live in the US. There are many factors to consider before taking any vitamins to lower cholesterol, and there are certainly many considerations for educating yourself on good/bad cholesterol as well.

As has happened with hundreds-of-thousands of people the world over, if you have been told by your physician that your cholesterol is high and that a statin drug is the solution, please know there are other alternatives and effective routes in lowering and preventing cholesterol and plaque build-up. The fact is that some heavy-duty statin prescriptions cause radical side effects.

While it is important to consult with your Doctor and even get additional opinions about the use of statins, you should also consider lowering your cholesterol with a natural approach. The natural solution to promote and ensure health, whenever possible, is always the way to go. Of course, this approach should always include regular exercise and a healthy diet. Incorporating the use of an effective natural supplement provides additional benefits. In the case of Lipi-Rite, these benefits include:

Reducing the production of cholesterol in your body, reducing the absorption of cholesterol in your gut, decreasing circulating blood fats, dissolving cholesterol particles, preventing cholesterol from hardening in your arteries, increasing the excretion of cholesterol carrying bile acid, and reducing the oxidation of cholesterol are all after-effects of taking high quality vitamins to lower cholesterol.

Xtendlife’s Lipi-Rite is what we believe to be the best natural supplements for balancing cholesterol levels based on research. Quite frankly, this is the only natural supplemental product we know of that effectively lowers cholesterol naturally by addressing ALL of the key factors we mentioned above. Other cholesterol specific supplements only address on 2 or maybe 3 factors, if that.

Do You Need It?

The reason why this question is important is because there are factors about “total cholesterol” that consumers need to understand before they start taking this type of supplement. In other words, do not allow yourself to be coerced into taking a “cholesterol lowering” medication just because your “total cholesterol” is high. For the sake of this review and to better educate you on the whole picture; please take a look at Xtendlife’s in-depth information on this matter. After all, not all cholesterol is bad.

If your cholesterol tests do indeed verify that you must take something to lower your overall cholesterol, first consider a natural supplement before putting your health at even more risk with pharmaceutical products and statins. Considering all of the products on the market today that claim to effectively reduce cholesterol levels, there’s none quite like Lipi-Rite. It is not only a proven effective supplement at leveling cholesterol, it is made from natural ingredients which have strong clinical verification supporting their effectiveness and lack of harmful side effects.

Tips and Considerations

When it comes to cholesterol, everyone is different – and as a result – individual success rates will differ. Consumers can expect a considerable drop in their triglycerides with Lipi-Rite, especially when taken in conjunction with Xtendlife Omega 3 DHA / Fish Oil. However, please educate yourself on the potential distorted reading for your LDL. Xtendlife has staff that will better educate you on the true factors of your readings. In fact, Xtendlife is the only natural supplement brand we know of that provides a free Medical Nutritionist to answer any questions you might have.

*Statin drugs have recently come under fire. When vital data was finally released that certain statin drugs lower circulating cholesterol, others reduce cholesterol in the liver, but not overall cholesterol plaque, their efficiency is now under some suspicion as to total effectiveness. Please read the information at Xtend Life (or anywhere else) and see why we caution you on this topic.

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