• Xtend Life Total Balance Children

    Xtend Life Total Balance ChildrenDesigned to work in a synergistic nutritional support tool, Xtend Life Total Balance Children is made up of 84 bio-active ingredients that help a child’s immune system and cell regeneration.Buy Here

If you’re a parent, I’d like for your to take a moment and think about the average morning you have trying to get your kids off to school. Is it stress free and with more than enough time for everyone to sit down to a homemade nutritiously diverse breakfast?  Hahaha! Yeah right!

That’s what I thought.  The average morning is usually a scramble of making sure everyone is dressed and prepared for school and work. Toaster waffles or cereal is usually the name of the game.

Now, imagine your child at school and they are likely to sit down to a lunch consisting of a homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple, or a school lunch made up of  chicken tenders, canned corn and instant mashed potatoes and gravy.  Heck, maybe their 4th grader prayers were answered and today was pizza day. Either way, two out of the three meals that they’ve had are not holding their end of the nutritional bargain, and your kids are starting to lack some of the daily requirements that they need to fend off those bugs being passed around their classroom.

Not to worry right? You have a nutritious, unprocessed vegetable centered meal planned for that evening and you have made sure that their nutritional needs will be met by the time their heads hit the pillow for the night. But then, they remind you that soccer practice starts tonight, and your healthy meal has now turned into drive through scarfed in the parking lot while you lace up cleats and find buried shin guards.

Reality doesn’t always pan out to be in our nutritional favor. This is when it can be a real peace of mind to know that no matter the curve balls thrown your way you can relax knowing that you have Xtend Life Total Balance Children  to fill in those nutritional gaps.

Xtend Life Total Balance Children is very different from a conventional drug store multivitamin for kids, which usually are comprised of synthetic ingredients with little oversight in regard to quality. Our bodies have evolved eating food, and have gotten very good and extracting nutrients for  whole food sources. But our bodies are much less efficient when it comes to synthetic ingredients. Your digestive system takes a look at those synthetic nutritional dopes and goes, “What do you want me to do with this? Meh. Pass.” And that is exactly what ends up happening with the majority of the vitamins and minerals you’ve paid good money for. Your kids and up passing most of them through their #1 and  #2s.

Instead, Xtend Life Total Balance Children is made of high quality ingredients that are derived from whole food sources. Xtend life has created a blend of 84 highly bio-available ingredients that are designed to work synergistically with one another. This focus on synergist blends is more important that a buzzword. Studies have  revealed that our needed nutritional intake is much more that the pile of building blocks that they may have once been thought of as. The nutrients we consume have revealed themselves to be much more like dominos in relation to one another, with one enzyme or amino acid unlocking potential in the next and so on. Once again, what is the good in paying for an over the counter multivitamin for kids if they ingrediants in it are not being properly utilized and end up simply being flushed down the toilet. This is why may studies of over the counter vitamins have come up short handed when it comes to effectiveness.

Something else that I’ve found I really appreciate about the Xtend Life Total Balance Children is that it does train kids to crave sugar like so many other multivitamins for kids do. Knowing what we do now about how refined sugar sets off a chain reaction of harmful, cell damaging oxidative responses in our bodies, it does seem pretty mind-blowing that almost anything marketed for kids will likely have added sugar included. Talk about a “gateway drug”.  Xtend Life Total Balance Children does not add any sugar or harmful additives like food dyes that have been linked to behavioral problems and inflammatory reactions in the body.

And this brings me to the reality that, as much as we try and protect our kids, they will likely eat of be exposed to some things that are just flat-out not good for them, and their liver and immune systems will need to do their job to process and protect. This is why I really appreciate that Xtend Life Total Balance Children doesn’t just provide a nutritional support to their diet, it also incorporates ingredients like  Turmeric, Milk Thistle, and Green Tea that support their cell’s ability to protect themselves and regenerate after being exposed to things that cause oxidative stress.

At the end of the day, we are all trying our best. And it can be nice to know that there are truly beneficial cost, and time, effective ways to help our kids remain healthy. A young mind and body is going through so many changes and is having a lot demanded of it, so it’s good to give them the perfect balance of nutrients they can utilize in order to stay focused in school and brave all the things that life will bring their way. I’ve found that Xtend Life Total Balance Children is a great tool to assist in that process.