• Xtend Life Total Balance Unisex

    Xtend Life Total Balance UnisexThis is an effective multivitamin with 74 highly bio-available ingredients that both men and women can use in order to heighten their bodies’ ability to heal and protect itself.Buy Here

Xtend Life Total Balance Unisex is a comprehensive multivitamin that is ideal for safeguarding your health in an easy and reliable way. Xtend Life developed their synergistic approach to nutritional supplementation 14 years ago with the determination to find a way to deliver higher quality and more effective nutrients in the most cost effective way possible. Something that we have always been really impressed with by Xtend Life is their dedication to research and finding the most bioavailable forms of the essential nutrients that our bodies’ need while also including ingredients that support our bodies ability to heal and protect itself. Their dedication to this type of research is evident in their willingness to improve and update their formulations as they learn and discover better ways to support the functions of the human body. Xtend life has improved upon their original formulation 8 times since creating their original Total Balance Unisex.

A major focus for Xtend Life has been providing the body with the tools it needs to protect itself from free radical damage, and chronic inflammation. These two concerns are often the primary cause of cell and tissue degradation and systemic conditions like autoimmune disease, disorders related to aging, and instances of cancer. Xtend Life really is a brand well suited for people who take their health seriously and are looking to optimize their bodies ability to repair and care for itself.

Xtend Life Total Balance UnisexThe Total Balance Unisex formulation is great for households who are looking to streamline their supplement cabinet with a multivitamin suited for everyone age 13 and above. And it is particularly well suited for older adults who may already be on some form of hormone therapy as this formulation does not have the sex specific hormone support that Xtend Life’s Total Balance for Men and Total Balance for Women includes. This formulation includes 74 minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino-acids, and antioxidants that require a dose of only 4 tablets in order to consume the recommended daily value included.

Something that sets Xtend Life Total Balance Unisex apart from most other multivitamins is its use of a superior version of the most commonly used nutrients. For example, vitamin E is an essential and extremely important antioxidant. But most multivitamin only uses the most affordable variation of vitamin E known as Alpha-Tocopherol, which is a single portion of the eight compounds found in naturally occurring Vitamin E. In its most beneficial from Vitamin E is made up of a network of eight different compounds known collectively as Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. Xtend life has not resorted for what was the easiest or most affordable option. Instead, they have made sure to include both important legs of the Vitamin E family, ensuring that you get the most value and benefit for your money. And the same goes for the form of Vitamin B6 Xtend Life uses in Total Balance Unisex. Vitamin B6 supports our nervous system, liver function, skin health, and the list goes on. But the most bioavailable form has been scientifically proven to be, Pyridoxal-5-phosphate, which is why it is the choice Xtend Life makes when enriching their multivitamins with vitamin B6.

Overall, what we appreciate most about Xtend Life is that they don’t cut corners when developing and preparing their formulations in order to get the best profit margin as possible. And they don’t create a product and then sit back on their laurels relying on outdated scientific studies to back up the effectiveness of their supplements. Improving their formulations and making their customers’ health their top priority by investing in sound science is what has set Xtend Life apart in our opinion.