Natural Skin Care for Men Women all AgesYour skin’s health reflects on your over all well being. In many ways, healthy skin stems from proper vitamin and supplement levels. While many use vitamins and minerals to have healthy skin, some are taking a closer look at skincare products that contain these needed elements to produce healthy, youthful looking skin. Not all skincare products are created equal that is certain. When we went looking for a skincare line that reflects a natural, effective approach, we found Xtend Life’s new natural skincare products.

Natural Skincare Products for Women and Men

High-end vitamin manufacturer Xtend Life has recently launched a natural skin care line for men and women of all ages. Why buy a skincare line from a vitamin and supplement manufacturer? Who better than a company that knows what it takes to be healthy both inside and out? What’s more, Xtend Life has already created an unparalleled reputation for providing the highest quality vitamins and minerals. Creating an effective yet affordable skincare line is actually the next natural step we would think.

Xtend Life skin care is based on fact, not like the promises like other skincare products claim. Xtend Life is valued because the innovative research this company enlists for all of its healthy lifestyle products. Xtend Life has an entire team of research personnel on staff that includes a naturopathic doctor with a master’s degree in science and a PHD in chemistry that actually developed the new skincare line.

Compared to the typical hard-sell mentality you get from all those skincare product companies plastered all over the TV, the Xtendlife skincare philosophy is true wisdom. They believe skincare to be a healthcare subject. The cosmetic industry as a whole does not necessarily subscribe to the same way of thinking, especially when you consider all the unnecessary ingredients these so-called skincare companies use. Using ingredients that are known allergens and irritants is not acceptable at Xtend Life.

While regulating agencies continue to operate on the false assumption that synthetic chemicals do not penetrate the outermost layers of the skin, Xtend Life isn’t in total agreement. Xtend Life feels that healthy, youthful skin is achieved by a natural skincare products, and not that of a chemical based product. Truth be told, chemically laden skincare products containing harsh chemicals, and are many times cheaper to produce. But if you are going to take care of your skin in the first place, do it right and use products that are safer for the health of your skin in the long run. What’s more, a natural skincare product isn’t as expensive to make as they used to be.

More than recommending a great natural skincare products line, our opinion here at is based on why this line is worthy. Xtend Life’s body lotion, for example is effective because the moisturizing ingredients are not basic fillers (like petroleum and and paraffin wax). Xtend Life’s body lotion is made with natural moisturizers like grape seed, olive oil, manuka honey, vitamins B5 and E, coenzyme Q10, wakame kelp and CYNERGY TK.

The Xtend Life skin care line actually has more effective and active ingredients than any other skin lotion on the market. You are left feeling moisturized but not greasy with clogged pours like other petroleum based skin care products do.

Xtend Life skin care products are hypo-allergenic, free of fragrance and may be used on all types of skin.

This range of purely natural skin care (100% pure) products was formulated based on the true need for a skincare line containing the best possible ingredients in the world that actually work, whatever the cost to develop, yet affordable to consumers. Xtend Life had a goal to produce considerably superior skin care products that were so pure they could be eaten (yes, eaten) while providing better value for your money than anything else on the skin and beauty care market today. Do yourself a favor and Visit Xtend Life today and get your complete line up of vitamins, supplements and skin care the natural way!